Depending on what time of year you are coming, the Lakehouses’ stunning diverse flora will delight you with a spectacular vibrance of the flowering blossom season, the rich warm colours of autumn, summer greens or the winter deciduous shedding.   Mature natives on a number of points create feature, privacy and protect you from the western sun so you can enjoy an afternoon drink on the balcony and look down at the lake.  Around the property you will see mature elms, oaks, “ Bruce” the blue spruce, liquid ambers, manchurian pears, Japanese maples, olives, weeping cherry, blossom and chestnut  trees.  The property also has a range of citrus trees.  Orange, lemon, lime, lemonade, mandarin and grapefruit.  They mature at different times in the year, so feel free to pick some to enjoy during your stay, but please be mindful of leaving plenty for others.  The property also has apple and plum trees in the western paddocks.  If you are there at the right time try an apple or a plum.  The general rule of thumb is the fruit is ripe the day before the birds eat it!!!!

So good luck!!!

Undulating lawns roll you down from the house to the vine covered lake pergola.  A wooden tender with oars ( in the garage) is available for you to set off from the pergola lake steps.  The lake is fed by a natural spring which helps maintain its levels in periods of drought and if you are staying in the heat of summer it’s a great way to cool off… Please note that there is no safety equipment around the lake, if you are around , on or in the lake it is at your own risk.
On the high side of the property enjoy a game of tennis on the alweather tennis court or have a family game of basketball with the hoop set up.
In the cooler months toast yourself some s'mores at the outdoor firepit… There's plenty of room with the old railway sleepers set on local sandstone blocks, so get out the guitar and have a singalong.  But strictly no fires in the warmer months or in periods of fire bans… you must check the NSW rural fire service website , to check if you can have a fire, but it is best if this is only used in the cooler winter months.